Save Our Dark Skies: Public Opinion Needed Today

Help us! Senate Bill 52 (SB52), a bill to help promote and preserve Nevada's uniquely dark skies, is moving quickly through the Nevada Legislature and we need you to act now to help make sure it passes! 

Tell our Nevada State Legislators how much dark sky conservation means to you. Supporters can submit their opinion here - and provide all the requested information. (Make sure to select SB52)

Legislators look at these results! You are also encouraged to make one-on-one contact with your own representatives by email. Find out who your state Senator and Assemblymember are, then shoot them a quick email thanking them for supporting SB52 and preserving Nevada’s amazing dark skies! And thank YOU for taking action today!

Senate Bill 52, the Dark Sky Bill, will recognize areas for their dark sky qualities and promote rural tourism.

To learn more about SB52 and other bills currently on the Nevada State Legislative agenda, visit the campaign page here

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