Support Conservation in the 2021 Nevada State Legislature

Dark Skies Bill

Senate Bill 52, a bill to help promote and preserve Nevada's uniquely dark skies, is moving quickly through the Nevada Legislature. It has passed the Senate unanimously and has moved to the Assembly and we need you to act now to help make sure it passes! 

Please submit your opinion here - and provide all the requested information. Legislators look at these results! You are also encouraged to make one-on-one contact with your own representatives by email. Find out who your state Senator and Assembly member are, then shoot them a quick email thanking your Senator for supporting SB52 and asking your Assembly member to support Nevada’s amazing dark skies! And thank YOU for taking action today!

If approved and signed by the governor, the new state program would complement the Dark Sky designations that are granted by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). Nevada is already home to two IDA Dark Sky Places; Great Basin National Park is a Dark Sky Park, and the Massacre Rim Wilderness Study Area in far northern Washoe County is an International Dark Sky Sanctuary, one of only 14 in the world. Bill sponsors say the intent of the proposal is to amplify and celebrate the work of the IDA by creating a state-level dark sky designation, to educate the public about the value of conserving Nevada’s uniquely dark skies, and to promote stargazing to boost tourism in rural communities. 

Language in SB52 recognizes the wide-ranging value of dark skies, which are prevalent in Nevada, where much of the land in the state is publicly owned

Now, keep reading for more information about the conservation agenda in the 2021 Nevada Legislature and bills and resolutions we urge you to support.

While the vast majority of publicly-owned lands in Nevada are managed by the federal government (the primary focus of Friends of Nevada Wilderness), the State government can also play very important roles in helping to conserve all public lands, state and federal. The Governor and legislators have a strong voice in reinforcing their constituents’ desire to conserve public lands, as they did with these resolutions and this letter opposing military expansions.

Due to the pandemic, the Legislative Building will be closed to the general public for at least several weeks. The Legislative Counsel Bureau has posted this information on how the public can view/listen to meetings and submit oral or written testimony at committee hearings. 

To provide your opinion follow these easy steps

Please go to this link on the legislative website and give your support for any of the bills below by following these steps:
Scroll down the screen to where it says "Select a Bill*" drop down and select one of the bills below. 
  1. Click on In Favor under Your Opinion on the Bill*
  2. You can fill in Your Comments on the Bill (these comments go directly to the members of the appropriate Committee)
  3. Then proceed to the top right side of the page and fill in Your Information
  4. Last but most important, click on the button that says "Submit Your Opinion".

AJR3 (30x30 Initiative)

Urges various actions relating to the protection and conservation of land and water including protecting the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and establishing Avi Kwa Ame as a national monument.

AJR3 has passed the Assembly! But not unanimously, and some legislators continue to argue in opposition. So we need to remain vigilant to make sure it also passes the state Senate. PLEASE support 30x30 by selecting AJR3 and submitting your comment in favor here.

The international 30x30 Campaign is a global effort to conserve 30% of the planet’s land and water resources by 2030. On January 27, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order addressing the 30x30 initiative, oil and gas leasing and renewable energy development.

In order to encourage Nevadans to be part of the Campaign, Assemblywoman Cecelia Gonzalez has requested that a resolution be drafted and adopted by the Nevada Legislature to urge “the President, Congress and certain federal entities to protect 30 percent of lands and waters in Nevada by 2030.” More specific language will be drafted with input from tribal leaders and conservation and sportspersons groups in the state.

Here are links to additional information about 30x30:

Western Leaders Network

League of Conservation Voters


AB211 (Impacts of Development On Wildlife)

Requires tentative maps for subdivision of land for development be submitted to the Department of Wildlife and requires NDOW to submit comments on potential impacts of the map on wildlife habitat that local jurisdictions must consider. Exempts jurisdictions that already have comprehensive wildlife habitat management plans (Clark).

This bill has been amended and the language is not as strong as it was when introduced. 

Support Wildlife by selecting AB211 here and submitting your comment in favor of a robust requirement for analyzing impacts of development on wildlife habitat. 


AB378 (Protects Public Lands)

Will remove the sagebrush rebellion language from Nevada Revised Statutes about Nevada seizing control of our public lands.

Support public lands by selecting AB378 and submitting your comment in favor here.


AB88 (Changing Racist School and Place Names Bill)

Requires policy in educational institutions against racist names and mascots, and a review and recommendation of changes needed to racist geographic place names.

Support removing racist names by selecting AB88 and submitting your comment in favor here.


AB95 (Adds a Tribal member to the Public Lands Committee)

Revises the membership of the Legislative Committee on Public Lands.
Section 1of this bill adds one member to the Committee who represents tribal governments and who is recommended by the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada.

Support Tribal involvement by selecting AB95 and submitting your comment in favor here.


AB299  (Provides for legal salvage of accidentally road-killed animals)

Salvaging roadkill is currently legal in every surrounding state. We believe it is important to give citizens the option to salvage an animal and prevent it from going to waste either on the roadway, or in the landfill.

Support salvaging road-killed animals by selecting AB299 and submitting your comment in favor here.


Other Nevada conservation priorities

The Nevada Conservation League (NCL), in consultation with other organizations around the state including Friends, has compiled this list of conservation priorities that the Nevada Conservation Network will focus on in the 2021 session of the Nevada Legislature. 



Revises provisions relating to public bodies. (BDR 19-466)
A public body that has entered into a memorandum of understanding or other agreement with a federal agency for the purpose of engaging with the federal agency on a decision under the National Environmental Policy Act of1969, 42 U.S.C. §§ 4321 6et seq.,may hold a closed meeting to engage in pre-decisional and deliberative discussions on the subject of the memorandum or agreement...


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