Stillwater Mountains Hike

Mississippi Canyon Exploratory Hike #2--Stillwater Mountains. On the first exploratory trip we found a beautiful waterfall part way up the canyon with a small trickle of water. In March, nearing the end of an El Nino winter, it should be in full flow (unless it's still frozen). With cooler weather we intend to push further up the canyon and perhaps also up one of the peaks. Hikers should be prepared for up to 12 mi RT and 2000-3000' of elevation gain. Mississippi Canyon is at the NE end of the Stillwater Range in a remote part of Nevada that is still accessible as a day trip from the Reno area. It is part of the Stillwater Mountains Wilderness Study Area and we'll learn about its current prospects for becoming a Wilderness Area from Friends of Nevada Wilderness. Contact leader for further details. ND. Leader: Larry Dwyer (775-745-6628[email protected]). Strenuous.

March 06, 2016 at 7:00am - 1pm
Wilderness Exploration with Larry Dwyer - Stillwater Mountains Hike
Larry Dwyer · · 775-745-6628
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