Sheldon Refuge: Enjoy a Virtual Visit

Enjoy a virtual visit to the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge - one of the most remote and rugged places in the lower 48!

The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge storyboard is a fascinating tale of ancient and contemporary human history, how Americans came together in the last century to preserve this vast expanse of land to save the pronghorn antelope in peril, and what goes on today to keep Sheldon wild. Friends invites everyone to immerse themselves in the pictorial and “visit” this amazing place that is intensely remote and yet remains so close to our hearts.

Sheldon Refuge wild irises by Brian Beffort

This project was completed in partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Greater Hart-Sheldon Conservation Fund.

Click here to read more about efforts to rewild the Sheldon from The Nevada Independent, courtesy of Richard Bednarksi.

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