Sage Grouse Discussion Draft

Dear Senators Reid and Heller,


I want to thank you both for working together to find a bi-partisan solution for our state that can help protect our sage-grouse that depend on our Nevada sagebrush sea. We understand and support your efforts for federal legislation since so much of Nevada is public lands belonging to us all. Finding the balance between strong protection for sage-grouse habitat, including wilderness and funding for restoration, while allowing for economic growth is critical.


There are many wonderful BLM wilderness study areas like the Desatoya Mountains, Massacre Rim, Poodle Mountain, as well as National Forest areas like Toiyabe Crest and Antelope Range that also contain excellent sage-grouse habitat along with high wilderness values. Designating them as wilderness will provide permanent protection for both wilderness and sage-grouse habitat. These areas will be protected from development and habitat fragmentation and will provide regulatory certainty to the Fish and Wildlife Service - showing that Nevada means business in setting aside some key habitat for sage-grouse.



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