Protect High Elevation Wilderness for Sage Grouse

Dear Senator Reid and Senator Heller,

I want to thank you for your leadership on sage-grouse legislation for Nevada. The second discussion draft is a great start for protecting key sage-grouse habitat as wilderness but there are a number of important areas that were not included.

With climate change, it is critical to protect some of the higher elevation National Forest areas as wilderness for the sage-grouse.  Please include the following areas for wilderness protection:

  • Toiyabe Crest – this large and exquisite area has some of the best high elevation habitat around.
  • Copper and Elk Mountains and McAffee all have high wilderness values and very high percentages of sage-grouse habitat.

Some important BLM areas still need protection as wilderness.

  • Tobin Crest in Pershing County– important habitat for an isolated population of sage-grouse.
  • BLM’s Granite Range (Granite and Buckhorn units), Burro Mountain and the Bittner Triangle in Washoe County should also be designated wilderness to help protect sage-grouse.


Thank you for your consideration.

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