Volunteers Celebrate Public Lands Day with Friends

National Public Lands Day 2020 marked our first volunteer projects since the start of the current pandemic. As expected, it was an awesome day spent on public lands across Nevada. Our Nothern Nevada Stew Crew teamed up with Friends of Black Rock High Rock and Nevada Outdoor School. Our Southern Nevada Team led volunteers on a cleanup of Spirit Mountain Wilderness. Both projects were held on beautiful BLM public lands. 

The Northern Nevada Stewardship Team supervised 5 groups of 10 people each at various projects on the Black Rock playa. Volunteers worked on fencing of sensitive dunes on the edge of the playa (above), trash clean up, and habitat restoration. It was great to get back at it with our awesome volunteers after months of social distancing. Everyone wore masks and were cheerful with the opportunity to give back to their public lands. It was very inspiring to see the passion our volunteers continue to have for our wild spaces. We look forward to seeing more of our volunteers as things get back to normal. With the help of our volunteers, the 2021 Stewardship Season will be one for the books!

On the southern Nevada side of things, NPLD went equally as great. Peter and Shi led a small but mighty crew of 3 volunteers and filled Sugar’s bed with ornaments removed from plants at Christmas Tree Pass. In total, we removed over 250 lbs of trail litter. We were happy to see the area we cleaned in February was still looking good. Thankfully, we were able to clear most of the rest of the road before our day was over. With new SNPLMA (Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act) funding becoming available, we should be able to return soon and finish the job. Be on the lookout in the Southern Nevada calendar!

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