MLK Day of Service, DNWR Weed Pull

Join Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the US Fish and Wildlife Service in prepping the Cork Creek area for a productive spring planting season. We all know that in order for native species to succeed, weeds need to be pulled prior to their planting. This family friendly event we'll be pulling London Rocket. Get ready to kneel, get muddy and have a great time. You'll want some good shoes, pants and a light jacket to keep you warm in the morning. We'll provide snacks and water to keep you going. You are also welcomed to check out the new visitor center! The minimum age for this event is 5 years of age under the watch of a mindful adult. Read below for some more information about the weed we'll be pulling.

DNWR_Weed_Pull_130121_jwitt_019.jpgDNWR_Weed_Pull_130121_jwitt_007.jpgLondon Rocket has invaded a historic orchard at a system of springs known as Corn Creek on the Desert National Wildlife Refuge.  This orchard is over 80 years old and supplied fruit and nuts to miners along the Tonopah Las Vegas rail line.  It currently hosts the state of Nevada's largest pecan tree.  London Rocket germinates during the cool months of the year and is mature before the historic trees emerge from winter dormancy, effectively removing nutrients and soil moisture that would be available for the trees.  Since this is a historic orchard, the use of herbicide is very limited and weeds must be hand-pulled. This is a chance to preserve a portion of Nevada history. 

January 20, 2014 at 8:00am - 12pm
Corn Creek Field Station, Desert National Wildlife Rfuge
Jose Witt · · 7022031720
George Burns Heather Witt

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