Legislative Committees Unanimously Oppose Military Expansion into Desert National Wildlife Refuge

March 22, 2019 - Members of the Natural Resources Committees in both the Nevada Assembly and Senate have said a resounding NO to the U.S. military's proposed expansion into the heart of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, closing even more of the refuge off to the public. 

In unanimous bi-partisan votes, the committees approved two joint resolutions, AJR2 and SJR3, expressing their reasons for opposing the expansion to the already sprawling 2.9 million acre military training facility. The resolutions will now be scheduled for votes before the full Assembly and full Senate.

Friends encourages all of our supporters throughout the state to express their full support for the resolutions and send a message to their elected representatives that enough is enough! We will not stand by and let the military encroach on prime bighorn sheep habitat and prohibit us from exploring our public lands.

Click here and type in ARJ2 and indicate you are in favor. Include any additional comments you like and your personal information so your legislator knows you are a constituent. Then please repeat the process for SJR3. We must do all we can to prevent this military takeover of our beloved wildlife refuge. 

Volunteers from Friends and the Sierra Club brave the unusually cold weather to install parking barriers

at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge 

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