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Learn more about the Las Vegas RMP and the rationale Friends of Nevada Wilderness used in creating the suggest comments here.

How to Comment Online:

A BLM contractor has created a website where you can comment online on the Draft Resource Management Plan (DRMP):

Below are the steps required to submit comments online:

*select “Documents and Reports”

“Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement” has two icons, one for a pdf which is easier to read, but is a 35mb download, or the interactive html document. 

The interactive html document has the option of making comments at the top of the screen.  The procedure for commenting is as follows:

*Navigate to the section of the document you want to make a comment on

*highlight text to comment on

*activate “Click Here to Submit Comment”

*click “Insert Highlighted Content” (this will insert the text)

*enter comment title in the box below

*write comment in large box on the bottom

*click add comment (comments will be added at the bottom of the page)

*returns to doc

*repeat comment procedure (also attachments can be added)

*When finished click next option

*fill out contact info (required)

*Add Submitter (you can add multiple submitters)


*can download and print if you want- read disclaimers

*submit  (Once submitted, you will get a comment ID.) 


Suggested Comment #1:

Navigate to:

3 Affected Environment

3.2 Resources

3.2.14 Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

Highlight following text:

A BLM Southern Nevada District Office interdisciplinary team evaluated a total of 53 areas and determined that 21 units (242,214 acres) met lands with wilderness characteristics criteria.

Body of Comment #1 (Insert into field for comment)

I feel that the following areas evaluated by the BLM have high wilderness values and support including these areas as additional lands that meet the BLM Lands with Wilderness Characteristics criteria:

Bitter Ridge (NV-SN-52-015)

Virgin Mountain Addition (NV-SN-52-012)

Eldorado Addition (NV-SN-52-021 A&B)

Buffington Pockets (NV-SN-52-011)

Last Chance Range (NV-SN-30-002 A&B)

Specter Range (NV-SN-30-004 A&B)

I feel that the following areas, which were overlooked by the BLM Lands with Wilderness Characteristic inventory, also meet the criteria for wilderness and should be inventoried, evaluated, and included with the Lands with Wilderness Characteristics for the district:

St. Thomas Gap (NV-050-02R-12)

Summit Springs (NV-050-0440)


Suggested Comment #2:

Navigate to:

2 Alternatives

2.5 Alternatives Table

2.5.2 Resources Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

Select the following text from the top of the page: Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

Body of Comment #2 (Insert into comment field):

We strongly encourage the district to adopt Alternative 2 for this element with the above listed lands included and also managed to protect, preserve, and maintain their wilderness characteristics. 


Suggested Comment # 3

Navigate to:

3 Affected Environment

3.4 Special Designations

3.4.6 Wilderness Study Areas

Highlight the following text at the end of the page:

BLM Manual 6330 “Management of Wilderness Study Areas” (BLM 2012) provides specific policy and guidance for management of most resource values and uses in WSAs. VRM management decisions, travel and transportation management (e.g., OHV route designations) are made during land-use planning.

Body of Comment #3 (Insert into comment field) :

I support the strongest management actions to prevent OHV usage from damaging the wilderness resources of these areas and compromising the non-impairment standards set by BLM Manual 6330 for Wilderness Study Areas. 


Suggested Comment # 4

Navigate to:

2 Alternatives

2.5 Alternatives Table

2.5.3 Resource Uses Travel and Transportation

Highlight the following Text at the top of the page: Travel and Transportation

Body of Comment #4 (Insert into comment field):

I support the Alternative 2 for OHV Designation with the inclusion of all district WSAs and the above listed additional Lands with Wilderness Characteristics into the “Closed to All Motorized or Mechanized Vehicles” category.


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