How Will Your Gift Be Used?

How Will Your Donation Be Used?

Your contribution goes immediately to work conserving Wilderness and helping to make a difference with current stewardship events and campaigns to protect your public lands. Over 80% of donations we receive go directly to advocating for wilderness protection, restoring habitat for wildlife, and maintaining hiking trails. Your gift to support Friends’ work will result in direct improvements on the ground for your public lands, as well as enriching the experience of our volunteers who not only work hard to nurture these wild places, they also glean the important experience of connecting with the earth and the diverse ecologies that make Nevada so unique and special. 

How Will Your Bequest Be Invested for the Future?

Bequests to Friends of Nevada Wilderness will be used to protect Wilderness in Nevada and will be placed in the Forever Wild Fund. This fund, as well as others, is explained below.

Marge Sill Forever Wild Fund

The Forever Wild Fund is an operating reserve fund which the Friends of Nevada Wilderness Board of Directors may authorize use from time to time, without repayment, to launch new programs or take advantage of time sensitive Wilderness protection opportunities. Your gifts will be used to provide long-term protection for our Wild Nevada heritage and help connect people who care with healing these wild places from illegal vehicle use, unneeded manmade structures, invasive weeds, etc. Gifts for the Forever Wild Fund permit us to quickly allocate resources to take advantage of opportunities to protect Nevada’s wild places in a manner consistent with changing priorities and strategies over time. Should this be your desire, please add this language to your general bequest designation: “to be allocated to the Forever Wild Fund to support the general operational needs of Friends of Nevada Wilderness.”

Northern Nevada Wilderness Endowment Fund

Your bequest would be used for protecting Wilderness primarily in northern Nevada to care for existing and future Wilderness areas. This permanent endowment fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Each year a portion of the interest generated from the fund will be used for conserving Wilderness in Nevada. This conservative payout allows the fund to grow so that the purchasing power of the fund payout will be preserved over the years. Gifts to this fund are gifts to the future to ensure that our special wild places will be conserved and taken care of in perpetuity. Should this be your desire, in addition to naming Friends of Nevada Wilderness using the language suggested above, add these words: “to be used to endow the management of Friends of Nevada Wilderness protection of Nevada’s wild places.”

You can donate directly to Friends' Wilderness Endowment Fund online at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Select "Friends of Nevada Wilderness Endowment" from the drop-down list. Your credit card info will be requested after you click the "Submit" button. Regular donations, gifts-in-memory and bequests can be made through the foundation's site. All such gifts to Friends go into the endowment account and only the interest from the account is ever used for Friends' programs.

Your gift will be acknowledged directly by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada and again directly by Friends.

Community Foundation of Western Nevada
1885 South Arlington Ave., Suite 103,
Reno, NV 89509

For More Information

To find out more about Friends of Nevada Wilderness work or about how your donation of real estate, stocks, or other assets can be used to further wilderness protection and, in many cases, provide you lifetime income, please contact Ralph at Friends of Nevada Wilderness:

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