Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!  For Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Earth Day is a day for ACTIVISTS!  We are roaming the state with clipboards and petitions.  So, where are all of our Friends of Nevada Wilderness today?  Let us count the places...


Alli and Darcy were excited to meet Intuit employees in Reno last Thursday during the Intuit Earth Day celebration!  We have a full list of new potential volunteers who we can't wait to reach out to.

greenfest.jpgKatie and Jesy are rocking Greenfest at UNLV, spreading the word on Gold Butte and helping students take action to protect it

And of course, we're at the massive Earth Day celebration at Idlewild Park in downtown Reno helping fest-goers speak up to the Nevada Delegation to ask them to move wilderness legislation this Congress.

A happy (and busy!) Earth Day indeed! 

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