Friends Seeks Grant for Fire Damage Restoration - Needs Your Vote!

September 25, 2018 – While political wrangling continues at the highest levels of government over whether Nevada will receive federal emergency funds to restore vast swaths of rural lands ravaged by wildfire, the Friends of Nevada Wilderness is rolling up its sleeves in an effort to begin restoring sensitive riparian areas damaged by the Martin Fire along the North Fork of the Little Humboldt River. At nearly 435,000 acres, the Martin Fire that began in early July is the largest single fire in Nevada history.

Healthy riparian areas are critical to watershed protection, wildlife habitat and the recreational value of Nevada’s public lands. The North Fork of the Little Humboldt River Wilderness Study Area is one of those areas and Friends is anxious to see restoration begin.


“These areas are by nature more complex than some of the surrounding landscapes. Volunteers on the ground need to pay special attention and take extra care to restore the plant diversity necessary to support a broad range of wildlife,” said Shaaron Netherton, Executive Director of Friends of Nevada Wilderness. “It’s a labor-intensive effort that involves careful planting of healthy seedlings and specialty seeds. We hope we’ll be able to restore significant health to this sensitive place.”


To pay for getting volunteers, seedlings and specialty seeds out on the ground, the charitable non-profit has applied for an NVEnergy Power of Good grant. The grant will be awarded based on how many votes Friends is able to tally among its supporters and their networks of conservation-minded friends. 


“We will be all over social media and email for the next few days, asking people to cast their votes for us.” Netherton warned. “But it will be all over in just a few days.  We hope when all the votes are counted, we’ll be able to pronounce the North Fork of the Little Humboldt the winner!”


The Power of the Good grant competition was open to conservation groups statewide.  Interested people can cast their votes at The voting began Tuesday morning and continues through September 28. 


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