Farewell Nevada Wilderness Project!

After more than a decade of service to Nevada's wildlands, the Nevada Wilderness Project closed its doors earlier this year.  Founded in 1999, NWP brought mapping and campaign energy to wilderness protection in Nevada.

Photo by Brian Beffort

Together with Friends and the the wider Nevada Wilderness Coalition, the Project worked with Congress to designate more than 3 million acres of Nevada through several legislative campaigns-the Black Rock bill in 2002, the Clark County bill in 2002, the Lincoln County Bill in 2004 and the White Pine County bill in 2006.

The Nevada Wilderness Project helped designate beautiful wilderness areas in Nevada, such as the Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness in Clark County.

From everyone here at Friends of Nevada Wilderness, we would like to thank the Project's staff, board and volunteers for making a difference to Wild Nevada. Three million acres of permanent wilderness protection is a fine legacy indeed!

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