Desert National Wildlife Refuge Comments

Hundreds of wilderness and wildlife activists submitted comments today in response to a recent proposal from the Air Force to expand the Nevada Test and Training Range and seize over 300,000 acres of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Beloved by Americans for its wild Mojave Desert landscapes, thriving desert bighorn sheep populations, and close proximity to Las Vegas, the proposal ignited hundreds to act in order to save this wild gem of southern Nevada.


We thank everyone who attended public scoping meetings, submitted written and electronic comments, and shared the news with their friends and family and all over social media. We will be sure to keep our supporters informed as this proposal develops.

Read Friends of Nevada Wilderness' comment letter here.

To learn more about the campaign, visit our Desert National Wildlife Refuge page here.


Although the comment period is coming to a close, this is just the first phase of what will be a lengthy campaign. We urge each and everyone of you to get out to the Desert Refuge and take your friends and family! We need as many people invested in this place as possible and the first step always starts with getting to know the area and falling in love with it.

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