Burbank Canyons

Burbank_Canyons_1.jpgBurbank Canyons is a beautiful little 13,395-acre area in Douglas County with perennial streams, aspen groves, great hiking, and excellent solitude. Raptors, mule deer, bear, mountain lion, sage grouse, and various bird species live here. Wilderness designation will give it permanent protection.

Its protection has been included in various versions of the Douglas County Public lands bill over the past decade. Currently it is included as part of HR 5243, the Northern Nevada Economic Development, Conservation and Military Modernization Act of 2021, introduced by Congressman Amodei 9/14/21. We hope to see this beautiful area get permanent protection in 2022.

Burbank Canyons is the largest remaining undeveloped area in the entire Pine Nut Mountains in Douglas County. A designated Burbank Canyons Wilderness would ensure that Douglas County offers sheer beauty and recreational opportunities that translate into increased property values and quality of life, which appeal not only to tourists, but also to skilled workers and retirees, who want to enjoy the “lifestyle amenities” of this region. A designated Burbank Canyons Wilderness would be the ultimate open space, a little, but mighty, crown jewel of Douglas County’s outdoor offerings.

Learn more about the beautiful Burbank Canyons here. 

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