Volunteer with Great Basin Outdoor School

Great Basin Outdoor School are seeking young adults who love the outdoors & working with kids who may like the opportunity to volunteer as a cabin leader at Lake Tahoe with fifth or sixth grade students. They are now taking applications to help during the following days: Sept. 29-Oct. 2 or Oct. 19-22


HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE CABIN LEADERS are introduced to careers in the sciences, teaching, or leadership fields while they supervise and mentor fifth and sixth grade students during four-day spring and fall programs and two- and three-day winter programs. Students may earn community service hours, internship credit, or Work Study credit by prior arrangement with their schools. 

DUTIES:  Be a positive role model.  Keep children safe, happy and involved.  Assist with on-the-trail field instruction, songs, and skits.  Supervise children in cabin and cafeteria. 

GREAT BASIN OUTDOOR SCHOOL is a Nevada non-profit organization devoted to youth development in the outdoor classroom.  Activities connect classroom learning to real-life experiences to promote insight, confidence, and a love for learning and the outdoors. 

HANDS-ON DISCOVERY in the outdoor classroom builds cooperation, respect, and responsibility and exposure to related career fields during four-day field studies through standards-based science, language arts, math, social studies, and the arts, individual and group activities.

High school absences can be pre-arranged and excused as school business.

To get more information and to apply, e-mail Sue Jacox at [email protected]

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