Pro Public Lands Bill Lands in State Legislature

On March 20th, Nevada State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro and thirteen co-sponsors introduced SB413 in the Nevada State Legislature. SB143, if passed, would establish the last Saturday in September of each year as “Public Lands Day” in the State of Nevada and would require the Governor to issue annually a proclamation encouraging the observance of Public Lands Day. 

The bill specifically mentions that Nevadans do not want our public lands to be transferred to state control. An official Public Lands Day would serve as an annual reminder to our elected officials that Nevadans value our public lands and want to keep them public! Help us thank these state legislators for standing up for our public lands!

1. Send a Thank You to the Primary Sponsors of the bill by clicking here.

2. Send a Thank You to the Co-Sponsors of the bill by clicking here.

3. "Vote" in favor of the bill by clicking here. Look up SB413 under "Select Bill" or type SB413 into "type bill name here". A brief description of the bill - to establish a "Public Lands Day" in Nevada should pop up. Click "For" and fill out your constituent information. Click submit and you're done!

For more information on public lands and to read the text of SB413, visit our campaign page here.

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