Our Invaluable Public Lands

Our Invaluable Public Lands by Marge Sill

"The Toiyabe Chapter is so fortunate to have millions of acres of wonderful public lands within its boundaries in Nevada and Eastern California.  These are managed by four different agencies--the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, but they are lands that are owned by all United States citizens. These lands are open for all visitors and are also important for our great variety of wildlife and native fishes. However, because of ignorance, some would sell or give away these lands and put up "no trespassing" signs, not realizing how keeping them public is so necessary. In these days of climate change and extreme drought, public lands are more important than ever.  They need to be managed in such a way that water becomes a primary factor in any development.  Wildlife must be able to move to higher and cooler places. All streams and springs must be mapped and preserved.  
What can you do as an involved citizen to take care of our public lands?  First, if you are able, get out and visit them and take others, particularly young people, with you.  Make sure that when you leave the highway, you drive only on designated roads.  Pick up the trash that some have left behind.  Volunteer with the many groups who are working on restoration of our lands.  Talk to your friends about how important public lands are to people, animals, and plants.  Let the decision makers know how much you care about our lands.  Take pictures, write letters, and be a strong advocate for our beautiful, precious public lands."
Marge Sill, Friends of Nevada Wilderness' founding board member, has worked for and helped make every acre of Nevada's 3.37 million acres of wilderness a reality. Marge is lovingly known as the Grandmother of Nevada Wilderness and is an inspiration for several generations of wilderness advocates. 

Read more on current public land issues in Nevada and ways in which you can take immediate action by clicking here.
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