North, South and places in between

What's possible in one weekend?  A LOT, thanks to our incredible volunteers.  This past weekend Friends of Nevada Wilderness volunteers were out on the ground in the North, the South, and places in between.

calicos.jpgWildlife in the Calico Mountains near the Black Rock Desert won't be thirsty anymore, now that we replaced the old, rusted out troughs with this new trough. We also fixed the overflow system so the nearby riparian area will get the water it needs to stay lush and healthy.

saltgrass.jpgMeanwhile, in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge north of Las Vegas, the MGM Resorts team helped plant Saltgrass! 

Up in the Santa Rosa Range north of Winnemucca, volunteers continued to plant bitterbrush and sagebrush seedlings to re-wild habitat that has been damaged by fire in recent years.

...and volunteers in Reno attended a 4-hour Stand By Your Land training to learn how to speak up for the places they care about.

Wow!!!  Thank you volunteers for your hard work, and your magical ability to be multiple places at once hard at work for wild Nevada!

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