Las Vegas Range Proposed Wilderness Area

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Sawmill Wash

Quartzite Mountain

Quail Springs

Fossil Ridge

Gunsight Trail

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Wilderness Area Status: Agency Proposed Area                                         

Year Designated: n/a                                        

Act or Law: n/a
Acres: 164,600 (est.) 
State Region: Southern Nevada
County Regions: Clark 


Managing Agency: Fish and Wildlife Service
Local District: Desert National Wildlife Refuge
Contact Info: (702) 879-6110
160001 Corn Creek Rd  Las Vegas, NV 89124

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Area Description

The area boasts elevations ranging from 2,400 feet along it's US Highway 93 border, to 7,300 feet adjacent the Desert Pass Campground.  Pinion/Juniper Woodlands dominate the upper plant community throughout most of the areas higher elevations, although there is a small stand of Ponderosa Pines near Mormon Pass.  The lower elevations in the eastern portion of the area is characterized by a diverse Creosote/Yucca/Cacti Community, while the Joshua Tree Woodlands spread throughout the middle elevations.  The Joshua Tree Woodlands find the best expression in the western portion of the area, along Mormon Well Road in Yucca Forest.  The Mormon Well Road defines the west and north boundary of the area and provides access to several of the more its spectacular landmarks.  These include the Yucca Forest, the spectacular Peek-a-Boo Canyon, Desert Pass Campground, Mormon Well, and Sawmill Wash.  A short, 1-mile walk from Desert Pass Campground takes visitors to the high point of the Las Vegas Range.  A more challenging 6-mile round trip hike to the summit of Quartzite Mountain awaits visitors with the skills to navigate the rugged, trackless country east of Peek-a-boo Canyon.  US HIghway 93 provides access to Frozen Toe Road, Wamp Springs Road, and the Gunsight Hiking Trail on the east side of the area.  Gass Peak Road offers access for hiking Fossil Ridge and Quail Springs, and for exploring the rugged and remote southern portion of the area. Along with Gass Peak and the Sheep Range proposed Wildernesses, this area comprises part of the Sheep Range Wilderness Complex.


Wildlife: desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, kit fox, collared lizard, mountain lion, roadrunner, king snake, desert tortoise
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