Wovoka and Pine Forest Range: One Step Closer to Wilderness Protection

New wilderness for Nevada in September? It's now very possible thanks to the hard work from Congressmen Amodei and Horsford! Last week, the House Natural Resources Committee unanimously passed the Northern Nevada Land Conservation and Economic Development Act (HR. 5202). This collection of bills would designate Wovoka and Pine Forest - 71,500 acres of wilderness!  Please take a moment to thank Congressman Amodei and Horsford for championing this bill

This vote paves the way for the bill to pass the House and then onto the Senate as soon as Congress comes back from its August break.

What is Wovoka and Pine Forest?

wovoka_hiking1_bbeffort.jpgWovoka Proposed Wilderness Area is in Lyon County and encompasses the southern portion of the Pine Grove Hills in western Nevada, south of Wellington, and is named after the Native American spiritual leader and father of the Ghostdance. The area includes sage-grouse and bighorn habitat and sensitive archaeological resources that are threatened by expanding off-road vehicle use.

The Pine Forest Range is located in Humboldt County, 100 miles northwest of Winnemucca, and is an incredible mecca for wilderness enthusiasts, hikers, birders, hunters, and anglers alike. The legislation would combine and protect both the Alder Creek and Blue Lakes Wilderness Study Areas. Boasting a rich sagebrush steppe ecosystem, these areas support abundant wildlife populations including sage-grouse and mule deer. 


What Wovoka and Pine Forest Need From YOU

 Please take a minute to send a letter of thanks to Congressmen Amodei and Horsford for their leadership to protect both the Pine Forest Range and Wovoka.

Both the Pine Forest and Wovoka areas represent what can happen when local people come together across party lines to protect their common ground they love. Protecting these last pieces of Nevada's wild heritage will protect critical wildlife habitat and archaeological resources, and it will ensure that people today — and for generations to come — will be able to explore and appreciate the natural wonders that make this part of Nevada special. Thank you to all of our members who have helped move this process along!

We will continue to send updates as Wovoka and Pine Forest move through the House and the Senate.

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