HR5202 - Thank You

Dear Representatives Amodei and Horsford,

Thank you for your leadership in introducing and working together on the Northern Nevada Land Conservation and Economic Development Act. This is a balanced bill which will provide much needed jobs while protecting the beautiful Wovoka and Pine Forest Range as Wilderness. As you know, there is extremely strong support for protecting these areas as wilderness and both Wovoka and the Pine Forest Range have invaluable natural resources that are worthy of protection so future generations can continue enjoying them.

I know you have worked hard on this bill already, and I hope you will do everything you can to see this bill passed this Congress for Nevadans and for future generations.

Thank you!

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Robert Armstrong
Frank Stieber
Sandra Carroll
Trent Weatherwax
Carl Floyd
Monica Quinones
James Switalla
Robert Stolting
Larry French
Marija Minić
michael kranish
Jose Witt
Michael Tice
Randy McNatt
Peter Thiemann
Jim Boone
Doug Goodall
Chris Fabyonic
Rosemary French
Iris Marsh
Gerald Norton
Scott Hall
Ashley Lee
Brett Rhyne
Lancelot Davis
Annie Hoskin
Linda Clements
Howard Booth
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