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Dear Congressman Amodei,

I believe in keeping Nevada's public lands in public hands and disagree with HR1484. Giving away Nevada's public lands would result in a significant loss to all Americans and would unnecessarily shift the financial burden to Reno and Las Vegas taxpayers. Please reconsider public land transfers to the state of Nevada.

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Diane Blankenburg
Bonney Brown
Debbie Netardus
Toni Kizzia
Jaime Hunter
Diane Penman
Jacob Stoller
Gregory Geiger
Ryan Matt
Jackson Miller
Cam Gordinier
Peter Johnson
Mike Korn
Joan Farriola
James Holladay
Tabitha Creon
Robin Gray
James Black
Vanessa Garrett
Devon Snyder
Elizabeth Chang
mari monticelli
Noah Youngelson
Jacqueline Jonas
Celeste Swithenbank
Ramon and Jane Zugazaga
Davene Kaplan
Gillian Francis
Margie Hicks
Paula Rowles
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