Gold Butte Meetings


On Tuesday April 14th the Mesquite City Council is considering revoking a previous council resolution in favor of protecting Gold Butte – Nevada’s piece of the Grand Canyon. We need everyone who loves Gold Butte to attend this meeting and show their support for permanent protection!

Take Action - The Mayor and City Council need to hear from you!

1. Attend the Mesquite City Council hearing on Tuesday April 14th at 5pm to stand up and be counted among those fighting to protect Gold Butte.

What: Mesquite City Council Meeting
When: Tuesday, April 15th
When: 5:00 pm
Where: Mesquite City Hall - 10 E. Mesquite Boulevard

RSVP here to let us know if you can make the City Council meeting and to receive details. 

2. Please email the Mesquite City Council and tell them to uphold their support for protecting Gold Butte and let them know that this action is not just unnecessary but reckless! Click here to send an email to Mesquite’s Mayor and City Council.

Below are some talking points to help guide your statements.

Protecting Gold Butte would mean:

• Locals and visitors will be able to continue experiencing the great outdoors through hiking, hunting, birding, camping, ORV riding on designated trails, and traditional tribal uses for generations to come.

• Safeguarding abundant cultural and historical resources, including rock art, caves, agave roasting pits and camp sites dating back at least 3,000 years, as well as Spanish and pioneer mining camps dating back to the 1700s.

• Conserving habitat for numerous wildlife species, including desert tortoise, desert bighorn sheep, the banded Gila monster, great horned owls and a great variety of reptiles, birds and mammals.

• Enhancing the region's status as an important destination for tourism, while conserving important resources from ongoing damage from unregulated activities.

Sample E-Mail:

Dear Council Member,

I am writing to let you know I support permeant protection for Gold Butte and urge you to do the same. It is imperative you do not revoke the Council’s support for protecting Nevada’s piece of the Grand Canyon. Gold Butte is a treasure trove of cultural, historic, and natural wonders, not to mention an economic engine for increasing tourism and visitation to the area and Mesquite. Protecting Gold Butte would keep the area open to multiple uses, so people can continue to experience the great outdoors through hiking, hunting, birding, camping, ORV riding on designated trails, and traditional tribal uses for generations to come. Due to recent events in the area, Gold Butte has seen an uptick in degradation of the landscape—from grave robbing, to ATVs going off the marked trails, to petroglyph destruction, to lack of land management due to threatening circumstances.  It is reckless for the City Council of Mesquite to send a message that we don’t care about protecting this land.

Recently law makers throughout Nevada have sought to turn Nevada’s spectacular public lands over to state and private hands. I oppose any effort to dismantle our most precious protected lands – including Gold Butte. If our public lands end up in private hands it would be chaos and the end of hunting, hiking, and ATV'ing as we know it. We would see “keep out” and “no trespassing” signs across our beloved state.

This plan is RECKLESS and bad for Nevada and for Gold Butte. I urge you to vote against overturning this resolution and send a message that Mesquite cares about its economic future and about permanently protecting Gold Butte today!


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