Fire restrictions on the Sheldon Refuge

Due to the high fire danger in south-central Oregon and northwest Nevada, the US Fish & Wildlife Service has put fire restrictions into place beginning July 25, 2013. These restrictions apply to all lands within Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge (NAR) and Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Until further notice, the following restrictions apply:

  • Building, maintaining attending or using campfires or charcoal fires is only allowed in the Virgin Valley Campground on Sheldon NWR as well as Camp Hart Mountain and Hot Springs campgrounds on Hart Mountain NAR.
  • Self-contained gas grills or bottled fuel camp stoves (white gas or propane) are permitted in all designated campgrounds and backcountry areas.
  • Smoking is only allowed in an enclosed vehicle or developed recreation site or while within an area at least three feet in diameter that is void of all flammable material including vegetation.
  • Motorized vehicles (this includes all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, cars, pickups, etc.) may be operated only on established roads where flammable vegetation and debris does not come in contact with the vehicle undercarriage.
  • All motorized vehicles must carry the following equipment:
  • 1) one shovel not less than 26 inches in overall length, with a blade not less than eight inches wide;
  • 2) one water container of at least one gallon filled to capacity or a 2.5 pound fully charged fire extinguisher and;
  • 3) one axe or Pulaski with a handle at least 26 inches in length and a head weight of not less than two pounds.
  • Vehicle undercarriages including skid plates must be kept free of flammable vegetative debris.
  • Motorized vehicles parked off of roadways must be in an area barren of flammable material, including vegetation.
  • Internal combustion engines (generators, etc.) not previously addressed may be operated only within designated campgrounds/areas where regularly allowed.
  • Power saw operations are prohibited.
  • No welding equipment may be used, including acetylene or open flame torches.
  • Spark arresting devices must be properly installed and maintained on all internal combustion engines.
  • Members of the public are cautioned that failure to comply with these restrictions may result in criminal and/or civil penalties.

Information on current restrictions may be obtained at 541-947-6259 for the Lakeview Interagency Fire Center. Additional information on Public Use Restrictions can be found at the following Web site:

Lakeview Interagency Fire Center

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