House Bombs Desert Refuge Protections. With Your Help, We Can Stop This!

Last night, July 1st, 2020, the House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment by Rep. Rob Bishop to give away the entire joint use area of the Desert Refuge (850,000 acres) to the Air Force. While the language uses the term “co-management” by the refuge and the military, it also specifically says the military gets to make all the decisions. It will no longer be a refuge for wildlife but a military area where the military has free rein. This is an egregious and colossal mistake by the House. They MUST fix this, and fix it quickly. 

It is CRITICAL that we all make calls to our delegation and leave messages urging them to be aggressive in fighting off the attack to the Desert Refuge that came from Rep. Rob Bishop in Utah. The Desert National Wildlife Refuge needs just 15 minutes of your time! Please honor your country and your Wildlife Refuge over this 4th of July weekend and make some calls (you’ll actually leave messages since no one is in the Congressional offices) and let them know that you are outraged by this attack on Nevada and on the Desert Refuge. You can find contact information for your representatives after the flip...

Please, urge the delegation to work to reverse this ill-considered amendment handing over 850,000 acres of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge to the military.  

You can call the Local or DC numbers to make your voice heard! 

Rep. Steven Horsford (the Desert Refuge is in his District - please call him no matter where you live) DC (202) 225-9894; North LV (702) 963-9360

Rep. Susie Lee DC (202) 225-3252; LV (702) 963-9336

Rep. Dina Titus DC (202) 225-5965; LV (702) 220-9823

Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto DC (202) 224-3542; LV (702) 338-5030; Reno (775) 686-5757

Sen. Jacky Rosen DC (202) 224-6244; LV (702) 388-0205; Reno (775) 337-0110

For non-Nevada residents – call your House of Representatives member.

In addition, everyone should call Congressman Raul Grijalva, chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, and ask him how he could let this happen and to help fix the mess. DC  (202) 225-2435. 

Thank you for your help on behalf of the wildlife who have no voices in this!

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