Thank You for Basin and Range National Monument

Dear President Obama, Senator Reid, and Congresswoman Titus,

I am writing to thank you for championing the new Basin and Range National Monument.

The Basin and Range National Monument will preserve a region that is rich in historic, cultural, and natural resources—a treasure for Nevadans, and all Americans. This designation will help safeguard irreplaceable Native American rock art and sacred tribal lands, shield habitat for at least two dozen threatened and endangered wildlife species, protect rare and sensitive plants, and preserve the expansive land art work by Michael Heizer known as City.  It is a place where old and new art come together for future generations to appreciate and take inspiration. 

Thank you for listening to local Nevada residents, business owners, community and tourism leaders, and also citizens throughout the country who have asked the Administration and Congress to protect more of our shared natural and cultural heritage.  I applaud today’s action, and hope that as a nation we can work towards conserving even more of our most cherished wild landscapes throughout the next year and a half. Also in Nevada, I urge you to work towards preserving Gold Butte, Nevada's piece of the Grand Canyon. This exquisite area in Southern Nevada deserves permanent protection so that future generations may enjoy its historic and cultural resources, recreational opportunities, and natural vistas.


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