The "Refuge" Gallery Goes Virtual for Artown


Where the Pavement Ends by Erik Holland: featured in our previous gallery

Friends of Nevada Wilderness returned to Artown this year featuring the REFUGE gallery. Boasting stellar nature photography, as well as paintings, sketches, prints, and found object sculpture all celebrating Nevada’s nine scenic wildlife refuges and public lands. National Wildlife Refuges are areas that are critically important habitats for wildlife and create a sanctuary space in the face of increasing urbanization and loss of habitat. The refuges are important for humans too. In an uncertain world facing unprecedented obstacles, finding peace by connecting with the rhythms of nature is healing for the human spirit. Proceeds went to support Nevada artists as well as Friends of Nevada Wilderness and our work protecting and stewarding your public lands. Join us next July for artown! 

Thank you for visiting the 2020 gallery.  The Dark Sky poster and the Peter Bradley block print card set are still available for purchase on our online store and help support local artists as well as Friends of Nevada Wilderness’ mission to keep Nevada wild. 

NON-DISCRIMINATION: The program encourages and welcomes the participation of artists from all backgrounds and does not discriminate with regard to age, race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, marital status, or nation of origin.