We need you NOW to Speak Up and Out to Keep Washoe Wild!

September 14, 2023 - The Washoe County Commission will take a critically important vote this Tuesday on a resolution encouraging Congress to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands with a permanent conservation designation.

Senator Jacky Rosen has proposed legislation that would do just that, as well as allow local governments to acquire parcels in the more urban areas for public uses and the sale of certain designated parcels for residential and other uses.

We are asking YOU to take just a few moments to reach out to your elected commissioners through on online portal to encourage them to vote YES on the resolution. Seriously, it will only take a few minutes. See “How To” below.

At least one county commissioner is spreading misinformation about the proposal and is rounding up people to oppose the resolution. We need to counter that effort with accurate information and let commissioners know that Washoe County folks support conservation of these special wild places!

Learn more about Senator Rosen’s draft bill.

How to comment on and view the proposed resolution:

  1. Click here.
  2. Select the “Support” position.
  3. Add a couple of reasons in the box why you support it (see our thoughts below).
  4. Click “Submit Comment.”

Here’s why we support the resolution:

  • We need Congress to act now to protect the stunning wide-open spaces in northern Washoe County, including Massacre Rim, which is world-renowned for its dark skies.
  • Hays Canyon retains high cultural, scenic, wildlife and recreational values and needs permanent protection.
  • These designations will NOT prevent people from accessing public lands. In fact, the opposite it true; they will protect these special places from other potential uses that could diminish access and the public’s enjoyment of the land.
  • Insert your personal reason here!

THANK YOU for speaking up and out to Keep Washoe Wild!

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