Volunteers Lead Wildfire Recovery Efforts

Wildfire recovery efforts are currently underway across northern Nevada. In the span of just two weekends, northern Nevada volunteers have already made a big difference for our public lands and the myriad of wildlife species that depend on them. These hard working volunteers have planted over 4,200 native seedlings, including bitterbrush and sagebrush, to regenerate wildlife habitat burned by wildfires. 

Post-fire restoration efforts, such as native seedling plantings, help establish a seed bank and provide support in areas that would otherwise be slow to regenerate and be susceptible to invasive weeds. 

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We'd like to thank our hard-working volunteers and our partners - the Santa Rosa Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management Cedarville District, Nevada Muleys, and the Nevada Department of Wildlife. These native seedling projects are generously funded by Nevada Dream Tag through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

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