Repurpose Your Old Calendar!

Calendar_Cards.jpgAt Friends, we love reusing and repurposing! Here's instructions to make cards and envelopes out of your old calendar by turning each picture-of-the-month into an envelope and then matting the index images and affixing them to the front of blank greeting cards.


What You Need

  1. An out-of-date calendar
  2. Colorful paper cut into 3x4 rectangles
  3. Card stock (8.5x11 can be cut into half sheets)
  4. Paper cutter or scissors
  5. Double-sided tape or rubber cement



  1. Using a papercutter or scissors, cut out each of the index images, leaving a white border around each.
  2. With rubber cement, or double-sided tape, fix one of the index images onto a complimentary color square. Then affix the colored square to the greeting card.

Calendar_Card_1.jpg   Calendar_Card_2.jpg   Calendar_Card_3.jpg


  1. Trim off the white edges of the picture-of-the-month.
  2. Using the calendar grid on the back as a guide, cut a one-by-four rectangle out of each side.
  3. Fold over flaps. DO NOT GLUE OR TAPE.
  4. If desired, cut a notch, triangle, or other design under envelope flap.
  5. Fold over and seal sides.

Calendar_Envelope_1.jpg   Calendar_Envelope_2.jpg   Calendar_Envelope_3.jpg  

Calendar_Envelope_4.jpg   Calendar_Envelope_5.jpg

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