Public Lands v. Politics…Going into extra innings

July 26, 2022Friends has worked incredibly hard this year to seize opportunities for Congressional approval of critically important conservation designations in Nevada. And while there have been a couple of unexpected strikeouts, the theme so far in 2022 could be, just like in a good baseball game, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”

It’s never easy to navigate Capitol Hill, but we owe tremendous thanks to the members of our Congressional delegation for their efforts to move important conservation measures through the very complex process that can resemble a high stakes game. They’ve run into some defensive moves they can’t control, but are not giving up. And neither are we.

We’ll continue to fight for Wilderness Area, National Conservation Area, and other substantive conservation designations for millions of acres of land in Churchill, Pershing and Nye Counties as part of the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act. If current legislation to protect the Desert National Wildlife Refuge in Lincoln and Clark Counties isn’t resuscitated, we’ll look to our champions in Congress to make a different offensive move.

Regardless, we’ll need the fans of public lands to rise up and cheer for these places that can’t cheer for themselves. Remember, it ain’t over till it’s over!

In Reno, Executive Director Shaaron Netherton talks to Senator Catherine Cortez Masto
about important conservation legislation 

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