Protect the Desert Refuge: UPDATE

Protection of the Desert Refuge is a giant step closer thanks to you. 

On December 19, 2019, Senator Cortez Masto introduced S-3145, the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and Nevada Test and Training Range Withdrawal and Management Act, that pushes back hard against the massive military overreach into the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Friends of Nevada Wilderness has been fighting for the Desert Refuge for the last 5-years. This bill would designate 1.3 million acres of Wilderness (the biggest Wilderness bill in Nevada history) and stop the military from turning the refuge into a bombing range and destroying precious habitat. The bill would keep the historic Alamo Road open to the public and would prevent the military from taking anymore primary jurisdiction of the refuge.  We are deeply appreciative of Senator Cortez Masto’s leadership and the support from the entire Nevada Delegation. 

This giant step forward is only possible because of all the support we have received from you. The fight will continue into the new year and we still need your support for the final push to protect the bighorn and all the other creatures that call the Desert Refuge home. Thanks to a generous donation from our board we can match your end of year gifts dollar for dollar.

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