Thank You for Introducing the Pershing County Public Lands Bill

Dear Senator Dean Heller, Congressman Mark Amodei, Congresswoman Dina Titus, Congressman Ruben Kihuen, and Congresswoman Jasky Rosen,

Thank you for working together in a bipartisan manner on the Pershing County Economic Development and Conservation Act, (S. 414 and H.R. 1107). I support the bill and I applaud your efforts in continuing the ‘Nevada way’ of resolving public land issues - working together to find common-sense solutions that work for everyone.

I believe this is a good bill that will ensure the permanent protection of Pershing County's high-value public lands and to provide tools for the County to bring in more jobs and economic development. I am in strong support of designating the seven proposed areas as wilderness - Grandfathers' (Tobin Crest), Fencemaker, Cain Mountain, Bluewing, Mt. Limbo, Selenite Mountains, and North Sahwave - and encourage you to keep working towards making this bill a reality.

Thank you for all of your efforts on this bill that would, if passed, ensure new economic and conservation opportunities for Pershing County.  I appreciate your hard work and bipartisanship.

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Jake Cevallos
Doris Telles
Bill Macartney
Dominic Nicholas
Jim Loveland
Daniel O’Brien
Lars Jensen
jose de Arteaga
Carissa Drury
Jon Pope
Charlene Duncan
Brandon Wilson
Dave Nagengast
Jan Barbour
Bob Tregilus
Sharon Marie Wilcox
Neil Sanders
Susan Juetten
Louis Bubala
Ron Moe
Jean Perry-Jones
Matt Church
Terry Richard
Marija Minić
Debbie Netardus
James Switalla
Martha Campbell
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