Parents and Teachers

Teachers and parents below you will find some useful links for Wilderness Education. Make sure you check back often as this portion of the site will be growing, and we will be adding lesson plans, pdf downloads, teacher workshops, etc.

Learn about the environment

The Wilderness Society
The Sierra Club (National page)
Nevada Mountain Atlas
Biodiversity Resources Research Center at UNR
Wilderness music of Walking Jim Stoltz
Friends of Black Rock / High Rock

Wilderness educational organizations

Carhart Wilderness Training Center
Carhart K-12 Curriculum
Nevada Outdoor School
Great Basin Institute
Wilderness on the Web
Wilderness Institute (University of Montana)
WildLink Project at

Teacher Resources

Check back soon for teacher resources.

Professional Development

Check back soon for exciting opportunities.

Wilderness trips for disabled persons

Wilderness adventures

The greatest single threat to wilderness

We have met the enemy and it is...

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