Lovell Canyon Clean Up!

This past Saturday, December 14, 2019, 11 volunteers, joined Friends’ Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Shi-Lynn, to clean up Lovell Canyon. In all, 16 bags of trash were collected totalling over 500 lbs! The group scrambled between 4 campsites cleaning trash, blankets, clothes, a humidifier, a Coleman stove, plastic jugs, a doggie carrier and broken bottles discarded by recreationists this past camping season.

More photos here!

It was disheartening to see so much debris littering the Lovell Canyon area. We stopped to chat about Leave No Trace principles and how some of the destruction can be avoided through educating the public. Many people bring tents, camp chairs and sleeping bags when camping, but fail to realize you may need other items like a shovel (for human waste) and trash bags. The amount of broken glass collected seemed to point towards illegal shooting. Recreational shooting is permanently banned in Lovell Canyon and violators should be reported to Forest Service Law Enforcement officers.

We partnered with  local non-profit called Litter Free LV. This group was co-founded by Jackie Spicer, a former Friends' Alternative Spring Breaker and long-time volunteer turned non-profit entrepreneur. It is great to see volunteers taking their own initiative and starting movements that will further conservation here in Nevada. Her group is gaining a presence in Las Vegas and has committed to doing at least one project per month.

Our Lovell Canyon Holiday Clean Up was funded by the Mt. Charleston License Plate Grant and is dedicated to beautifying the Spring Mountains Recreation Area while educating the public about conservation!

This is also Friends of Nevada Wilderness' final project of 2019! It was great to go out with a bang completing a well needed and fun project. Stay tuned for what's to come in 2020 by visiting our Calendar of Events!


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