Arrow Canyon Route Restoration! ( EVENT FULL )

Join us Saturday, November 9 at Arrow Canyon Wilderness to help disguise and remove an illegal vehicle incursion into the wilderness!  Arrow Canyon Wilderness is a rich archaeological area with many petroglyph and artifact sites throughout. It comprises over 27,000 acres of protected natural, cultural, and scientific resources. 

We will be decompacting and vertical mulching a section of hillside that has been severely eroded from motorists attempting to skirt an existing barrier at the wilderness boundary.  Driving over desert surfaces causes serious soil compaction, which can make it impossible for plants and animals to penetrate the ground. Soil compaction also increases flash flooding effects, leading to rapid erosion. 

By decompacting the soil with tools, we help restore the ground’s ability to absorb water, germinate seeds, and provide shelter for critters! Vertical mulching is a method of erosion control.  Dead and down plant material is gathered and “planted” vertically in decompacted soil. The plants do double duty as decaying material returns carbon and nutrients to the soil, and their branches catch seeds and moisture, creating a hospitable environment for new growth.  Vertical mulching also serves as a visual deterrent to illegal vehicle use!

This is a one-day project with a very short walk to the worksite in the beautiful northern portion of Arrow Canyon Wilderness in Clark County.  A 4x4 vehicle with high clearance is required to reach the area – Friends of Nevada Wilderness has limited space in our vehicles, please let us know if you need a ride!

What You'll Need: For your safety you must wear closed-toed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeve shirt and bring a water bottle and lunches for yourself. Dressing in layers is recommended as the weather can be variable without much notice in the desert.  Remember, winter is coming! 

What We’ll Have:  We will provide safety gloves, hard hats, tools, snacks, and extra water.  We also have limited space in our vehicles, if you need a ride!

Where and when:  We will meet on the third floor of the parking garage at the Cannery Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas at 8:00 am on Saturday, November 9.  We will aim to return to the Cannery by 3:00pm.  

This project is made possible through the generous support of REI. 

November 09, 2019 at 8:00am - 3pm
Arrow Canyon Wilderness
Peter Sbraccia · · 702-515-5417
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