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Friends of Nevada Wilderness member and long-time Ham Radio instructor David Book KD7YIM will be teaching a one day Technician Class Amateur Radio FastClass in Reno on Saturday, May 2. This is an easy way to get your “Ham” license in just one day. Get ready for the Black Rock Rendezvous!

This class will be part of a Reno Amateur Radio Convention, NVCON 2015, being held at Boomtown. No Morse Code is needed and it’s a 35 question test at an 8th grade level!

Amateur Radio is far superior to CB and FRS radios and David says “comparing CB radio to Ham radio is like comparing 2 cans and a string to a cell phone!” For full info on the class and to sign up go to http://nvcon.org/ David also says that a nationwide network of relay stations allow communication with inexpensive handheld radios over 25 miles or so it’s really handy for recreation in the back country!

If you want to start getting ready, order Gordon West’s “Technician Class License Manual 2014 – 2018” from www.w5yi.org, Amazon, or your local bookstore. If you tell the w5yi people you’re taking David’s KD7YIM’s class they’ll send you some additional free information! David says “You won’t be able to sign up for the class until about March but this is a chance to buy the book and have plenty of time to read it. All 18 students passed my January class so it must be pretty easy!” For additional information go to http://nvcon.org or email David at [email protected] .

May 02, 2015 at 7:30am - 3:30pm
Boomtown Casino
David Book ·

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