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Stand By Your Public Lands

Nevada has a lot at stake in the public lands fight.

Public land activists hit the ground running in 2017 and shot down a bill introduced in the House by Utah Representative Chaffetz that would have sold off 3 million acres of public lands across the west, including right here in Nevada. Activists heeded the call and wrote, called, and visited Rep. Chaffetz' office. Based on the outstanding amount of public backlash, Rep. Chaffetz withdrew his bill.

Unfortunately, we need to still stop Congressman Amodei's attempt to seize and sell Nevada's public lands. Just this morning, the Nevada Wildlife Commission unanimously voted in opposition to attempts to the transfer and sale of public lands in Nevada. Nevadans have shown a massive amount of opposition to public land transfers and grave concerns that Nevada simply can't afford the cost of managing the lands (especially when you calculate the costs of wildfire suppression alone).

Take action today to send your Representative a letter stating your opposition to any future attempts to seize control of our lands!


Meet Your New National Monument

Get to know your new National Monument - Gold Butte!
Photo by Kurt Kuznicki

As many of you know, former President Obama designated Gold Butte as a National Monument in the last days of 2016. The Presidential Proclamation was applauded by outdoor recreationists, local Paiute tribes, business owners, and activists like you!

Of course, with the designation, there's been a lot of questions! We've created a page on our website with information about the new National Monument, designated and proposed wilderness areas within the monument boundary, and frequently asked questions. You can view the page here.

Like most wild areas in Nevada, please be well prepared if you travel to Gold Butte - you will need a high clearance 4wd vehicle, extra gas, and extra food and water in case you break down. Stay on designated routes, practice leave no trace principles, and follow all rules and regulations.

We're Hiring

Come work for wild Nevada!

Do you want to get out in wild Nevada this year? Come work for Friends of Nevada Wilderness! We're hiring for a variety of positions:

Stewardship AmeriCorps Associate: Help our stewardship team take volunteers in the field and participate in key restoration projects. You'll gain valuable experience in volunteer management, public land management, and project coordination.

Mt. Rose AmeriCorps Program Ambassador: We're looking for a Mt. Rose Ambassador to help us continue our Mt. Rose Wilderness volunteer program! Spend the season reaching out to the public, spreading education on responsible outdoor recreation, and coordinating projects in Reno's wilderness backyard.

Trail Crew Leader & Crew Members: Spend the upcoming field season in the wilds of Nevada with our wilderness trail crew! Our trail crew travels across Nevada to maintain and build trails in several different wilderness areas.

Sheldon Restoration AmeriCorps Crew Members: Our restoration crew members spend the summer in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, a stunning wild corner of northwestern Nevada abundant with wildlife and beauty. Help us keep this area wild!

For all project descriptions and how to apply, visit our employment page here.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding along this e-mail to those you think might be interested!

Updates from the Field

Day of Service in Gold Butte National Monument

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, volunteers spent the day giving back to Gold Butte!

We kicked off our southern Nevada 2017 stewardship season with a fun restoration project in the newly designated Gold Butte National Monument! We installed fifteen wooden posts to prevent parking lot widening, removed a defunct metal development, naturalized cryptobiotic soil with natina, and restored wildlife habitat in the area. A big thank you to our volunteers who participated, Friends of Gold Butte who partnered with us on the project, and special thanks to KEEN Footwear for their generous KEEN Effect grant that made this project possible.

Getting Ready for 2017

Volunteers learning about Leave No Trace principles

In late January, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Traveling Team stopped by our northern Nevada office to host a Leave No Trace Awareness event for our volunteers! Leave No Trace is built on seven core principles that are used to communicate the best available minimum impact guidance for enjoying the outdoors responsibly. With over 12 billion visitors to parks just last year alone (including national, state, city), it is now more important than ever to learn and teach leave no trace principles so we all enjoy the outdoors responsibly. 

The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace were developed to help educate and guide recreationists in sustainable minimum impact practices that lessen or avoid recreation-related impacts. For an overview of the seven principles and for other resources related to Leave No Trace, visit the Leave No Trace website here.

Upcoming Events


February 11: What Can I Do The What Can I Do event is a mixer that connects people who want to help with local community organizations that can use the help. Friends of Nevada Wilderness will be there discussing public land and conservation issues in Nevada and how you can help! Come on down to sign a petition and speak with our staff about how you can get more involved!

March 12: Volunteer for What Can I Do - Eco Edition Event
Friends of Nevada Wilderness will be participating in the "What Can I Do - Eco Edition" event and we are looking for some volunteers to help us with our table. This is a great way to help us spread our mission to the public, meet new faces, and speak with the public on the issues you care about! For more information and to sign up to volunteer, click here.

March 16: Stand By Your Land Film Festival
We're partnering with Patagonia and KEEN Footwear to host an evening of public land and conservation films, activism...and beer! We'll be showing KEEN's Live Monumental film, a short movie that tracks KEEN's roadtrip across the United States to protect iconic public lands including Gold Butte and a line-up of inspirational short films by Friends of Nevada Wilderness. Save the date! 


 March 2: Wild Speaker Series Jim Boone, creator of, will be our March Wild Speaker Series guest to give you the ins and outs of Gold Butte National Monument. Come with your questions about hiking, back road driving, wildlife, and birds in Gold Butte! For more information and to RSVP, click here.

March 25: Friends Appreciation Picnic Save the date for our annual Friends Appreciation picnic! We are so excited to celebrate our amazing supporters like you who have volunteered, donated, and taken action for Nevada's public wild lands. Come on out to Mountain Crest Park for a fun day of picnic food, refreshments, games, awards, and friends! More information here. 

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here.

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"Philanthropy is the rent we pay for the joy and privilege we have for our space on this earth" - Jerold Panas

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