Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

BitterRidgeSouth_LWC_kkuznicki_7101.jpgAmerica’s 640 million acres of federal public lands are the backbone of our rich outdoor heritage. However, some extremist politicians would like to sell off YOUR public lands to the highest bidder and close off access forever. Please join us in the continued fight to keep public lands in public hands. Continue reading for more information on how you can take action in the Nevada State Legislature and in Congress to #KeepItPublic. Sign the petition to the Nevada State Legislature asking them to keep public lands in public hands!

Fallon Expansion

clanalpine_humboldtmarsh_wallin.jpgThe Fallon Range Training Complex is seeking to withdraw and reserve for military use approximately 604,789 acres of public land. Their expansion proposal overlaps several wild areas of northern Nevada including portions of the three wilderness study areas managed by the BLM: the Stillwater Range, Job Peak, and the Clan Alpine Mountains. The expansion would also include portions of the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge and several Friends of Nevada Wilderness' proposals for lands with wilderness characteristics units currently managed by the BLM.

Save the Desert National Wildlife Refuge!

11_11_DNWR_CowCamp_shoot_kuz_6988_89_90_91_92.jpgDON'T BOMB THE BIGHORN: Desert bighorn sheep need YOU to take action! Once again the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, just outside the city lights of Las Vegas and home to one of Nevada’s largest desert bighorn sheep populations and over 1.2 million acres of proposed wilderness, is yet AGAIN under assault by the military.

Find out how you can take action to help defend the Desert National Wildlife Refuge!


Pershing County Public Lands Bill


Friends of Nevada Wilderness is proud to work with members of the Nevada delegation to advance a comprehensive lands bill for Pershing County that aims to conserve important areas as wilderness and provide economic development for the County. This bill will ensure the permanent protection of 162,000 acres of wilderness, while also providing the tools to help resolve the checkerboard land issue. Take action to support a Pershing County public lands bill by clicking here!



Lands with Wilderness Characteristics


The Bureau of Land Management is releasing Resource Management Plans across the state. These land-use decision-making documents will guide how public lands in Nevada are managed for the next couple of decades, including the last vestiges of our wild tracts of land. With so many current threats to our public lands it is important that people who love to recreate outside, love wildlife, and appreciate Nevada's rich history get involved in this process to ensure lands with wilderness characteristics are properly managed and protected.

 The BLM needs to hear from you to help safeguard our wild landscapes. 

Wild Washoe Wilderness Campaign

granites_west1_bbeffort.jpgThe Wild Washoe Wilderness campaign is your opportunity to permanently safeguard large tracts of wild lands and thereby gain long term protection for sagebrush ecosystems across the region. This campaign is one of Friends of Nevada Wilderness' most ambitious efforts to date. Currently, we are working with the Nevada congressional delegation, local stakeholders, and Washoe County Commissioners to develop a public lands bill that includes conservation, recreation, and economic development. Support wilderness by taking action NOW and sign the petition.

Gold Butte National Monument

photo_goldbutte_kkuznicki_8607__96d_400x267.jpgPROTECTED: The wild beauty of southern Nevada's Gold Butte, often called "Nevada's Piece of the Grand Canyon” is now permanently protected as a National Monument! Click here to thank President Obama, Senator Reid, and Congresswoman Dina Titus.

Burbank Canyons

Burbank_Canyons_1.jpgBurbank Canyons a beautiful little 13,395-acre area in Douglas County with perennial streams, aspen groves, great hiking, and excellent solitude. Raptors, mule deer, bear, mountain lion, sage grouse, and various bird species live here. Wilderness designation will give it permanent protection. Click here to help Burbank Canyons.

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