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Outreach is something really special to us here at Friends of Nevada Wilderness because we love to talk about Nevada’s many extraordinary wild places.

Although under-appreciated by many people, Nevada’s vast public lands offer myriad natural wonders and wildlife. Its soaring peaks, mountain slopes, wide valleys and rugged, twisting canyons are home to colorful wildlife, scenic vistas and boundless opportunities for unconfined recreation.

Learn about some of Nevada’s hidden scenic jewels and colorful wildlife, and learn what Friends of Nevada Wilderness has been doing to conserve and care for Nevada’s wild public lands so future generations also can experience the wild.

The story of wilderness conservation in Nevada is a story of hope—how people from diverse backgrounds and points of view are working together on common ground—Nevada’s public lands. Friends of Nevada Wilderness work with fellow citizens and elected leaders at all levels to protect areas through Congressional designation. We also work with land management agencies as volunteers to care for these lands to keep them wild and beautiful for future generations.

Ultimately, the story of wilderness conservation in Nevada is a story about you. Learn how easy and rewarding it is to get involved in helping to designate, protect, and care for your favorite wild places.

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Contact us for details and to schedule times, locations, etc. We look forward to the opportunity to talk to your group very soon.

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