Please protect these areas that have strong wilderness characteristics!

Dear RMP Planning Team,

Thank you for your efforts on the Las Vegas RMP Revision. I would like for the planning team to identify the following areas as being lands with wilderness characteristics:

Bitter Ridge (NV-SN-52-015)

Virgin Mountain Addition (NV-SN-52-012)

Eldorado Addition (NV-SN-52-021 A&B)

Buffington Pockets (NV-SN-52-011)

Last Chance Range (NV-SN-30-002 A&B)

Specter Range (NV-SN-30-004 A&B)

St. Thomas Gap (NV-050-02R-12)

Summit Springs (NV-050-0440)

I think these beautiful and wild areas should be given strong administrative protection and managed to preserve and maintain their wilderness characteristics.

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