Monthly Donation

Friends of Nevada Wilderness works to conserve Nevada’s last wild places, so future generations can taste the clear water, breathe the fresh air, and experience the beauty, solitude and adventure we have inherited. Monthly membership is one way to ensure that the important work Friends carries out stewarding your public lands can continue. Our monthly members make a big impact by providing steady and consistent support. We couldn't do it without you! Take your membership to the next level by committing to monthly giving. We are grateful for your contribution. Thanks for helping us keep it wild. 

"Philanthropy is the rent we pay for the joy and privilege we have for our space on this earth." --Jerold Panas

We are proud to have 100% Board Giving.

Who's donating

Daniel McKeever
Jan Barbour
Roksi Bak
Marian Coensgen
Jessi Janusee
Tom Wicker
Bart Patterson
Bryan Wyberg
Meghan Anderson
Heather Witt
Lisa Schuette
T. Bass
Shaaron Netherton
Terry Jones
Todd Ruecker
Skye Nelson
Martin Griffith
Danny Sierra
Jeffrey Erdoes
Carol Marshall
Robin Chaffey
Terra Celeste
Trish McAndrew
Tim Buchanan
Erin Siemer
Jose Witt
Ryan Fuhrmann
Vincent Miller
David Starner
Cynthia Scholl