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Locals helping locals - Mt Charleston

Start Date: 8/21/2010  Time: 7:00 am
End Date: 8/21/2010  Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Mt Charleston Wilderness
State Region: Southern Nevada
Event Type: Stewardship

Event Details

We need southern Nevada locals to pitch in to help the local endemic and rare plants of the Spring Mountains by hiking up to top of the ridge and the slopes of Griffith Peak to gather seeds for a restoration project on Griffith Peak and to remove some rather pesky dandelions from the South Loop Meadows. It a very beautiful, but all uphill, hike up the South Loop Trail to the work area; so, we are looking for volunteers who are in hiking shape.

Open to adults, seniors, groups and families who are up to doing this hike.

Contact: Kurt Kuznicki, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, (775) 745-3119 for more information and to sign up.