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Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge restoration trip

Start Date: 10/17/2009  Time: 8:00 am
End Date: 10/17/2009  Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge
State Region: Southern Nevada
Event Type: Stewardship

Event Details

Join the celebration of National Wildlife Refuge Week by helping to restore important habitat in this spectacular resource, located just 90 miles north of Las Vegas.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness' volunteers, in conjunction with the Fish & Wildlife Service, will be planting native plants in an important restoration project on the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.

Waterfowl season begins in October, so we might see Sandhill cranes as they arrive on their migration south. We should be able to see geese and hoards of ducks including canvasbacks, teal, redheads, pintail and shovelers on refuge lakes and marshes. Fall colors could be in full display.

This project is open to adults, seniors, families and groups. Have fun with your family and friends while getting your hands dirty for Nevada's wildlife. Overnight camping at Pahranagat is possible for those who are interested.

Contact Kurt for more information (see left panel).

View from Delamar Wilderness a few miles southeast of the Paranagat National Wildlife Refuge. (c) Howard Booth