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Jarbidge Wilderness Trails

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Jarbidge Wilderness Trails
The Jarbidge has over 125 miles of trails providing access to all elevations and features. The most popular trailhead is the Snowslide Gulch on the northwest end of the wilderness. It is accessible by dirt road from either Twin Falls of Buhl, ID or Elko, NV.

Other popular access points are Camp Draw on the west side, Slide Creek/Pole Creek on the northeast side and Three Day Creek on the north.

Many visitors take the Jarbidge River Trail (105) to Jarbidge Lake and over the crest to Emerald Lake.

A scenic longer trip begins at a broad meadow at Humming Bird Spring (access from Pole Creek Road).

Trail 099 traverses the high basins around God Pocket Peak and Divide Peak, climbing to a divide between Camp Creek and the Jarbidge River.

Travelers can take the East Fork of the Jarbidge River Trail (20) and Trail 020 to connect to the Emerald Basin area.

Only Snowslide, Slide Creek, and Humming Bird Springs trailheads are accessible to stock trailers.

All other trailheads are relatively remote and require driving long distances on dirt grades. Some trailheads are accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles only.

There are two developed grounds, Pine Creek and Jarbidge.

Guides and outfitters bring visitors up pack trails to hunt deer deer, antelope, grouse, chuikar, partridge, doves and rabbits.

Jarbidge Wilderness was the first wilderness designated in Nevada under the Wilderness Act of 1964  (c) Scott Smith