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Augusta Mountain Wilderness Study Area

Wilderness Area Status

Wilderness Study Area
Year Designated:

Act or Law:
Acres: 89372
State Region: Northwest Nevada
County Regions: Churchill  Pershing  Lander


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Winnemucca Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 623-1500
5100 East Winnemucca Boulevard  Winnemucca, NV89445
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Area Description

The Augusta Mountain WSA straddles a ridge of the Augusta Mountain Range. The WSA measures 17 miles long and 13 miles wide. The altitude ranges from 3,400 to 8,400 feet. The northern part is a landscape of silicic ashflow tuff canyons and drainages. Isolated patches of pinyon-juniper are scattered througout. The central section encompasses Cain Mountain, a limestone peak which is the highest point of the WSA. The mountain is scored in all directions by rugged, deep drainages lined with willow and cottonwood. Favret Canyon is the largest of these. The canyons have fossils and are blocked by intermittent waterfalls, with dense pinyon-juniper stands in the upper reaches. The southern portion is hilly with shallow washes and gullies and gently sloping foothills covered with low sagebrush and rabbitbrush.

Hiking and camping here is dispersed, as there are no significant features that draw people to one particular place. Wild horses roam this range.

This Wilderness Study Area is a component of the Bureau of Land Management's National Conservation Lands.


In the desert, where there is water, there is life.  (c) Norman Herterich

Dwarfed by one of Augusta  (c) Norman Herterich

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