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August 9, 2012

Help Mt Rose with your gift of gab!
You are invited!

by Alli Harvey and Richard Knox

photo: Mt Rose Wilderness boundary (c) Alli Harvey
Join Friends to talk with hikers on Saturday, September 1, at the trailhead and near the Mt Rose Wilderness boundary (c) Alli Harvey

Dear friend,

Do you remember the first time we met? Maybe it was in the Black Rock Desert, at Earth Day, or when you picked up a Friends' calendar. Either way, we now work together to protect Nevada's wilderness . . . and we need more people like you!

We need enthusiastic, wilderness-loving volunteers on Saturday, September 1st to join us at the Mt. Rose trailhead and to talk with people during what is one of the busiest hiking days of the year.

You will have a fabulous opportunity to meet dog walkers, runners, hikers and, of course, wilderness aficionados in their natural habitat. Engaging new people helps us protect Nevada's wild places. And we really hope you can be there to participate in a fun day and take a little time to talk with folk about our backyard wilderness.

photo: A freshet in the Mt Rose Wilderness (c) Brian Beffort
A freshet in the Mt Rose Wilderness (c) Brian Beffort

Are you excited to share your love of wilderness with other people? Do you enjoy handing out cookies and lemonade (Yummie!) to grateful hikers? Join us!

We'll have a crew stationed at the trailhead next to the parking lot and a crew 3 miles in at the wilderness boundary. So, whether you'd prefer hanging out or hauling lemonade up 3 miles, we could definitely use your help.

Help us sign folk up as volunteers and members or just to receive Nevada wilderness news. Sell T-shirts and "I heart symbol Mt Rose" bumper stickers (complimentary for volunteers) and give out brochures. We'll be there from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Volunteer shifts are flexible.

Where: Mt Rose trailhead (google map) AND at the wilderness boundary three miles up the trail
When: pick your time between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, Saturday, September 1
What: talk about wilderness and wildlands of Nevada
Why: cookies, lemonade and outdoor fun.

See you September 1st on Mt Rose.

Need more info? Contact Alli by email or (775) 772-0453.

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The Sheldon's "golden fence post"
You are invited!

photo: Volunteers pulling fence on the Sheldon (c) Brian Beffort
Volunteers pulling fence on the Sheldon

With the driving of the final (golden) spike after years of building the trans-continental railroad, the country celebrated a tremendous achievement.

On August 18, Friends of Nevada Wilderness will celebrate another historic event: the removal of the last, unneeded, (golden?) fencepost from the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. With a huge effort, Friends' crews, volunteers and staff removed more than 150 miles of interior fencing from the refuge since June of 2011. This is on top of the accomplishments of volunteer fence-removal trips led by Friends and other partner groups over the past few years.

You are invited to join in the work and the fun! Join Friends and the US Fish and Wildlife Service in celebrating the removal of the last segments of old range fence from the refuge. Along with other volunteers, you can clip, roll, and pack out the last of the barbed-wire fence.

photo: Volunteers pulling fence on the Sheldon (c) Brian Beffort
Volunteers pulling fence on the Sheldon

To top off a day of good work, a desert luau, complete with Hawaiian shirt contest, is planned (bring your wildest Hawaiian shirt). A special recognition ceremony will be held during dinner.

Where: Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (at the "top" of Nevada)
When: Friday, August 17 to Sunday August 19
Why: Make history!

To take part in this historic event, please RSVP by email to Darcy.

There is more information in the press release.

All photos for this story are (c) Brian Beffort.

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Wild Wednesday
You are invited!

The next "Wild Wednesday" takes place August 22, at Grassroots Books, 660 E Grove Street, Reno (google map). If you have trouble finding it, call them at (775) 848-8781.

We're partnering with the Nevada Wilderness Project once a month for Wild Wednesdays! Stop by and talk about what's next on the wild Nevada horizon.

It's a chance for us to connect with Friends' members and anyone who is interested in Nevada's wild places. We'll have information about current campaigns, a schedule of upcoming volunteer trips, and ways you can help keep Nevada wild!

Where: Grassroots Books
Address: 660 E Grove Street, Reno
When: 5:30 to 7:30 pm, August 22 (a Wednesday, of course)
Why: Great people, good wildlands talk, wine, cheese — and a tour of the bookstore, if you like.

If you are not familiar with Grassroots Books, this also will be a great opportunity for you to meet the friendly, helpful folk who own and operate this well-stocked, comfortable independent book store.

We will meet in the conference room.

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Friends' inventory crew gathers wildlands data for BLM

by Shaaron Netherton

Five hardy souls are spending their summer out exploring some of Nevada's best kept wild secret places looking for BLM areas with wilderness character. The wilderness inventory crew will be providing timely and quality data about lands that have wilderness character to the Battle Mountain and Carson City BLM Districts. Both of these districts are in the process of creating new land-use plans that will guide how these public lands are managed into the future.

photo: Inventory crew assessing a route in the Monte Cristo Range (c) Kirk Peterson
Inventory crew assessing a route in the Monte Cristo Range

The Battle Mountain District encompasses about four counties in central Nevada (Lander, Eureka, Nye and Esmeralda). The Carson City District includes several counties as well (southern Washoe, Douglas, Carson City, Mineral and Lyon). The BLM is required by law to keep up-to-date inventories on all of the resources they manage including wilderness.

photo: View from southwest edge of Emigrant Peak area (c) Kirk Peterson
View from southwest edge of Emigrant Peak area

This effort is funded by a grant and is coordinated jointly via a partnership of Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the Nevada Wilderness Project. The data are being collected using the BLM's Wilderness Inventory Manual 6310. The work includes providing individual route evaluations, photo logs, and details about each of the wilderness characteristics: size, naturalness, outstanding opportunities for solitude and/or primitive and unconfined recreation.

photo: Castle Peak in the Monte Cristo Range (c) Kirk Peterson
Castle Peak in the Monte Cristo Range

At the end of the season, the data collected by the crew will be turned into formal reports that will be given to the BLM along with briefing presentations to the BLM district's management team and planners. The goal of this project is to help identify lands with special wilderness character and to protect them for recreationists and wildlife and for future generations to enjoy unspoiled Nevada's beauty and solitude.

All photos for this story are (c) Kirk Peterson.

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You are invited: events and wilderness volunteer projects

Friends of Nevada Wilderness offers up lots of fun opportunities to help your Nevada wildlands heal and prosper.

August 17 - 19   Sheldon fence pull and CELEBRATION Remove fence to help antelope habitat. (Sheldon Wildlife Refuge - 4 hours north of Reno.) - email Pat to RSVP or call (775) 815-5598.

September 5 - 7   Remove old range-development troughs from the wilderness (Little High Rock Canyon Wilderness - 4 hours north of Reno) - email Renee to RSVP or call (775) 324-7667.

September 14 - 16   Santa Rosa National Public Lands Day (Santa Rosa Mountains - 1 hour north of Winnemucca. FAMILY FRIENDLY) - email Brenna to RSVP or call (775) 623-5656.

September 21 - 23   National Public Lands Day at Trego Hot Springs (Black Rock Desert - 3 hours north of Reno. FAMILY FRIENDLY) - email Pat to RSVP. or call (775) 815-5598.

September 29   Cow Camp post-and-cable fence installation (Desert National Wildlife Refuge - just north of Las Vegas.) - email Jose Witt or call Jose at (702) 203-1720.

New projects will be announced in later emails. See also the stewardship events page.