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Friends wins the Partners in Conservation Award

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September 22, 2011

Friends wins the Partners in Conservation Award

Friends' staffers: Jose Witt, Sheena Britschgi and Shaaron Netherton with Secretary Salazar (center) and agency partners Angelina Yost and Sendi Kalcic (c) unknown photographer

Friends of Nevada Wilderness was awarded the prestigious Department of Interior's Partners in Conservation Award in Washington DC on Wednesday, September 21. This award was granted to Friends for on-the-ground volunteer stewardship projects that helped wildlands and wildlife habitat on both the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and BLM lands in Nevada. Accepting the award in DC was Shaaron Netherton, Jose Witt, Sheena Britschgi and our refuge partner Angelina Yost and BLM partner Sendi Kalcic. Our interagency partnership in Southern Nevada is a model for the entire country, and "we are excited to be making a difference for wilderness," says Kurt Kuznicki, Friends' Southern Nevada Director, who could not attend the ceremony because of knee surgery.

We enjoyed a great reception at the beautiful Eisenhower Executive Office Building near the White House, including a cake with the Presidential seal. Following the reception, we met with Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, at the Interior Building for the official award program. It was an honor to be recognized nationally for all the great work that our volunteers do in Nevada. "This award is for all of you," says Shaaron Netherton, Friends' Executive Director.

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Friday, September 23 — Sunday, September 25   National Public Lands Day in the Santa Rosa Wilderness

Stewardship — Contact Wes at (775) 762-6730 or (775) 324-7667 or send Wes an email for all the details of this trip to a beautiful part of Wild Nevada — just an hour's drive north of Winnemucca.


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